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My Celebrity Doppelganger January 31, 2010

Filed under: Randomness — The Ramblings of Amazingness By Jenny J Bean @ 1:48 am

So, I’m on the hunt for my celebrity doppelganger. It’s celebrity doppelganger week on Facebook, and everyone is putting up a picture of a celebrity who looks a little bit like them. I still don’t know if there are any good ones, but for now, I’m using, at my friend Jodi’s suggestion: Madeline Kahn. I’m not altogether convinced that I look like her, but either way, I absolutely LOVE her.

I’m finished. Fertig! Verfallen! Verlumpt! Verblunget! Verkackt!

Jenny J Bean Von Schtupp


One Response to “My Celebrity Doppelganger”

  1. giacchi Says:

    i love madeline, great photos of you both!

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