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Being an adult is hard, but a good musical helps. January 29, 2010

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Just saw ‘Wicked’ for on Broadway for the first time in a little over 4 years. Wow. I forgot how incredible the show is. It really is incredible. Plus, the two actresses playing Elphaba and Glinda were uncharacteristically good on their own merit. They made their own, unique acting choices and weren’t carbon copies of Idina and Kristin which I wholeheartedly appreciated. In fact, don’t shoot me, but these girls might have out done the originals… It’s such a cool thing when a show can stand on its own merit without having to put in ‘headline’ names in the leads just to sell tickets. The show is good enough that they can afford to hire really talented, relatively unknown people that are able to bring the house to its feet every night.

So, I started a business for which we filed paperwork about a month ago. We decided, to avoid taxes in 2009, that we would wait to be officially open for business as an LLC until this calendar year. I still have to file a 1065 tax report for $0 for 2009. These things are impossible to understand. I think I did everything that I’m supposed to, but I’m not altogether sure that I did it right. Am I supposed to hire an accountant for a $0 tax return? Yikes. How do you know you didn’t screw it up?

I wish the government would just invoice me and I would send them a check… what a wonderful world that would be… Instead, they say count your own beans, and if you miscount, we have a a nice cozy spot for you behind bars… brought to you ever so kindly by the loyal taxpayers of the U S of A.

Being an adult is complicated…

Jenny J Bean


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