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Dear Karma, It’s time for you to kick in. NOW! January 27, 2010

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Another incredibly stressful day. As my friend Michal says, “Dear Karma. It’s time for you to kick in. NOW!”

Due to being and I quote, an “outstanding employee” and a senior member of the staff, I am now officially accountable for 7 census employees and the hardest area in the country to recruit for the Census. Upper East Side Manhattan: 49th Street- 76th Street/ 6th Avenue to the East River. I am also, as of yesterday, on a ‘think tank’ committee of 12 out of 100 recruiting employees in Manhattan. We meet frequently to brainstorm about how to meet Manhattan Borough’s outrageous 55,000 applicant quota. We are currently at about 13,000 or so. We need to be at 55,000 by April 1.

The untouchable parts of Park Avenue, 5th Avenue, and Madison Avenue are all in my district. We’re not talking just plain “old money”, we’re talking JP Morgan, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller kind of money. That list doesn’t even include East End Avenue, Sutton Place, Central Park South, and dozens of incredibly exclusive Upper East Side co-ops. No one that lives there wants to come and work for the Census. Why would they. We get a handful that want “to do their civic duty” and that’s about it.

I had my first meeting back from the holiday for “Imagine Parties” my kids party/classes company. (I know right? Another thing that I do…). We’re preparing for the summer/fall season. During the summer, we get a lot of birthday parties and classes for fall. This will be our first calendar year as a full service event planning/after school classes company, so we’re really excited. Hopefully, we can start to garner enough business that I can afford to start spending my time event planning and acting instead of all this other mishigas. Mi-shE-GAHs -noun-(A commonly used Yiddish phrase– loosely translated as “craziness”) I do meet a lot of interesting people though doing the random stuff though.

In other news…
Seeing “Wicked” Thursday night for free… sort of unheard of. A friend got me comps. (I’m excited, because I haven’t seen it in forever!)

Wore my Betsey Johnson dress today. (It always makes me feel a little better about life…)

In a 10 minute play Choreography of Cyn and Marta this weekend as part of a series called Words and Wine. I’m playing Marta. Really excited to be back onstage. It’s been a little over a month, and I’ve been busy with the pilot and all the job stuff… I love doing film, TV, and all the other gigs that come along (and lord knows they certainly pay more), but there’s something so comfortable and at home about being in a theater on the stage.

Anyway, another long day tomorrow.

Gym then Sleepy Time,

Jenny J Bean


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