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Appalachia Sounds Great… January 26, 2010

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More work drama today. I am going to leave it in the past for now because I’m not in the mood…

I went to a reading of a play about hiking the Appalachian Trail. Let’s put it this way… if I was a nature person, just listening to the reading of the play would have sold me on it. It sounds amazing. I am a big fan of creating my own journeys and adventures, so I very much admire those who seek out ways to connect to themselves and their purpose. I also am very envious of those that are comfortable and can handle nature and travel. I am not that person. I do not travel well (although I do love to travel). I need my comfortable bed and a full night’s sleep every night to function rationally and with perspective (and to keep from getting sick). Although, the idea really does sound incredibly fulfilling. Maybe I’ll do it for a few days some day…


2 Responses to “Appalachia Sounds Great…”

  1. Jordan Mann Says:

    What’s the play?

  2. North to Maine. It was really good, but seemed more suited for a film than the stage…

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