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One Asteroid Down, Six to Go… January 25, 2010

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There has been a lot of working, juggling conflicts, and a lot of sleeping happening this weekend. I’ve decided that my life right now is like the game “Asteroids”. These huge massive problems fly at my life and I shoot at them, but they turn into 7 little asteroids that I have to deal with– I feel like one day all the asteroids are going to crash into me at the same time and I’ll get a big honkin’ “Game Over”. I’d like to think, at least, when I actually do get a “Game Over”, I’ll make the high scorer list…

1. My supervisor found a replacement for the Riverdale ACT class on Sunday afternoons so I can take my acting gigs. Yay!

1.5 She assigned me two SAT tutor students (who want to train together) in Riverdale in place of the class, so I will be going to Riverdale to teach a mini class/private tutoring session twice a week. Hugely inconvenient, as I have to go to Riverdale twice as many times, but at least I can still do the acting gigs.

2. Worked on Boardwalk Empire on Friday night. It was absolutely freezing, but incredibly cool. We spent 16 hours shooting the same 15 second exit scene from different angles. We started at 1:30pm and ended at 6:30am, and we worked almost the entire time. The scene takes place outside a courtroom in 1920s Atlantic City. I was one of 25 or so women protesters of the “Temptress” group in favor of prohibition along with two of the leads, Kelly MacDonald and Dana Ivey (who I absolutely love).

2.5 This is definitely not normal for a film/tv set. Because it is an HBO miniseries, the art direction is hugely important to them, so they can afford 16 hours on the same 15 second shot. Unbelievable. Long, cold, but amazing night.

3. More essays to grade…

3.5 I am currently at the kitchen counter cooking oatmeal pancakes (pretty much taste the same as pancakes with a lower sugar content), grading essays, and blogging at the same time. Mostly, I should be grading essays, but every 3 or so, I flip back over to the blog or the pancakes so as to keep me from going nuts. Whittling them down slowly but surely… but pancakes are yummy 🙂

4. Later today, I’m going to the first rehearsal of a play “Kevin’s Bed”– goal is to get essays done by then so that I can relax when I get home afterward… 30 left… 25 left… 18 left… still going…

Getting sleepy again. This is nuts. I slept a full night…

Just woke up from a 2 hour nap… whoa… I really was tired… I’m sorry, when does 9 hours of sleeping a night not cut it? This is crazy.

15 essays…10 essays… 5 essay… this is like pulling teeth… almost there… got to go to rehearsal now…

5. Went to rehearsal. Got there and found out that the production staff had forgotten to call me to tell me that they had rescheduled first rehearsal for the playoffs.

5.5 I had coffee with the director and the producer (who were nearby anyway) and we got to know each other a little bit. It turns out that the producer works part time for the Census too. Go figure.


All of the people involved in the show are actually Irish and have Irish accents. They asked if I could do Irish. I told them I can but it’ll take me a fair bit of practice. I’ve done it before, and I have a good ear, but for some reason, the UK dialects are a little harder for me to pick up. Either way, I’m really excited to be doing a play with a meaty role (and really excited about the Irish challenge).

— 1 asteroid down, 6 to go before they crash into me–

Jenny J Bean


One Response to “One Asteroid Down, Six to Go…”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I can think of some excellent BBC programmes that I always come out of sounding unintentionally vaguely Irish. An entertaining way to train for a part 🙂

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