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My coat apparently launders government pens… January 19, 2010

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So I had one of the strangest but most interesting days. I went to canvass for the Census at the big MLK day parade. The 6 people from the Census that were going were there, but the parade wasn’t. I walked up and down 5th Avenue looking for this mystical parade that didn’t exist and that no one seemed to know about…I wasn’t in charge, so I still have no idea what happened… They all said that they found it online. I’m going to Google it…

Ah ha!

When Is The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade?
-The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade takes place on Monday, January 15
What Time is the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade?
-The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade begins at 1 p.m.
Where Does the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade Go?
-The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade begins on Fifth Avenue at 61st Street, and continues north along Fifth Avenue to 86th Street.

Catch the mistake? I didn’t at first…

What they probably didn’t notice (I wouldn’t have either), is that it says Monday, January 15th, which does not actually exist. Oops. Wrong year. Either way, we had a nice afternoon canvassing in the parks and near grocery stores on the Upper East Side. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I talked to dozens of amazing people.

Later, I went to a play reading workshop session where a group of 5 actors were asked to read the original pieces aloud so the playwrights can hear what they sound like and make adjustments. It was incredibly fascinating to watch the workshop process of these clearly talented writers. The reading would occur, and then they would go around the room giving positive and constructive feedback. They were making excellent suggestions and helping to fill the holes and inconsistencies in one another’s work. When a playwright would get stuck on a particular issue, 4 people would chime in with solutions. A couple of good friends of mine are in the playwrights group, and I was so incredibly impressed at how talented they are and how professionally written their work is. They let the actors comment as well. I didn’t have much to say, but I so appreciated the openness of the group to hear our perspectives as non-playwrights.

I think that’s about it for today, but I want to mention one last odd thing. I was walking on the Upper East Side and I kept feeling something strange rub up against my leg. At first I thought it was my boot buckle. I moved it back into place, but it kept happening. Finally, I got annoyed and put my hand right under my knee where the thing was scratching me. I grabbed it. There were three ball point pens in the lining of my heavy coat. Go figure. You think I would have noticed that three pens went into my pocket and never came out– or that they were in my coat. It took me 15 minutes to find the hole that they got through in the right pocket and dig them out without ripping more of the lining. When I finally got them out, Irony of all ironies– they were government pens. Sigh.

Who needs normal… lol. 🙂

Jenny J Bean


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