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My Butt Doesn’t Want To Write January 19, 2010

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I’m going to get my butt to the gym now before I lose my will to stay awake (T minus 30 minutes)… I would think that it is easier to write once you’ve deflated then it is to exercise. I hope I have a reasonably good chance to get both done.

Ok. I kicked my butt in the gym, and now my butt wants to shower and sleep but doesn’t really want to write…

Long day. A four hour meeting at work. In retrospect, I certainly didn’t make it any shorter by asking a ton of questions, but I was so incredibly confused by some of the directives and priorities that I couldn’t help but ask for clarification.

Had an incredible glass of Sangria after work with some co-workers (expensive, but amazing) at Artisinal on 32nd and Park, and came home.

Oh, and I moved most of my furniture back. Yay.


Jenny J Bean

PS. Check out the latest Twitter link on the right side of the page. This kid is incredibly hilarious!!!


2 Responses to “My Butt Doesn’t Want To Write”

  1. giacchi Says:

    dearest jp – so great to see you today – i’ll see you tomorrow as well (my virgin community bored meeting!) – yes that was a particularly stulifying meeting, and yet we are the dept of commerce… j xox

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