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Nap=Not Dead January 17, 2010

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Amazing moment of the day: Okay. So I actually got a 3 hour nap today. YAY!!! (I actually fell asleep in the subway on the way home to take said nap.) I miraculously made it to everywhere I needed to be today (and on time). Not quite caught up on life, but in much better shape then I was yesterday. I still have to get up at 7am tomorrow morning, but at least my checklist from last night is almost complete. 15 more essays (out of a total of 75) to go and I owe myself a really lengthy workout. The essays will be done before I go to sleep. I have other things that should be on the need to do soon list, but right now, I am determined not to get more overwhelmed than I have to. I’ll think about the next batch of things after I finish this one. If it’s not dire, it can wait a day.

Long day tomorrow. Have to go out with a team of 6 and find 150 people that want to apply for part time/flexible hours work with the Census on the East side of Manhattan. Not the easiest task in the world, but I’m optimistic- I think we’ll get quite a few. We’re going to 8 Masses, 2 services, and a movie theater. And I hear it’s supposed to rain. Sigh. It’ll be an adventure.

Saw “The Understudy” by Theresa Rebeck at the Laura Pels tonight. So cute! I’m so glad that I got to see it before it closes tomorrow. It didn’t hurt that three great actors were in it: Julie White, Justin Kirk and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zach Morris). AND We got last minute $20 tickets in the orchestra. Not too shabby. I love Theresa Rebeck. I did one of her plays (a world premiere) called “The Two Orphans”. Not the best show in the world, but I think that she is absolutely wonderful and the humor in her work (and in life) is spot on. She does sarcasm like no one else. (Plus, hanging out with her and her son in and out of rehearsals for a month was a ton of fun!)

Okay. I have to call it quits because 15 essays and a long day tomorrow are calling me…

To finding time for amazing things during rough patches–

Jenny J Bean


One Response to “Nap=Not Dead”

  1. giacchi Says:

    nap, perchance to sleep…
    i loved the understudy especially since i saw so few new productions this season…
    good luck today

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