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Calculating My Sanity January 16, 2010

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I am having severe priority balancing problems. It is 12:55AM and I still have at least 3 things that I need to do before I fall asleep. To make matters worse, I cannot pull an all-niter because I have to be up at 730am for work– which really means that I should have been asleep an hour ago, but an hour ago I was relaxing on a Friday night over a cup of soup and iced tea after having seen a musical with one of my best friends.

Here’s my dilemma/list. Tonight, I have to/should:

1. Go to the gym for at least 20-30 min and/or do a workout video.

2. Organize a team of census employees for recruiting work tomorrow and Sunday because my supervisor needs a significant boost in numbers by the end of the weekend to make her quotas. This involves writing a detailed email, making phone calls, and scheduling constructive times and places for 6 people to work over the weekend. I already scheduled tomorrow morning/early afternoon this evening after I received notice that this needed to happen around 5pm.

3. Finish writing this blog (if you are reading it, and it keeps going further than this point, I suppose I finished it…) This should probably be at the bottom of my list, but I said I was going to do attempt to do one everyday…

4. Grade 39 SAT essays. This is especially frustrating because they have put me in an odd bind that I can’t do anything about because it does more harm than good to fix it.

Explanation: I get paid $2 per essay that I grade. During SAT season, the company that I work for sends me 50 essays per week (on average) to grade. This means that during the school year (spring and fall), I make an extra $100 a week. For me, when I am doing a lot of unpaid/low pay acting work and not a lot of side ‘money’ work, the ‘extra’ $400 a month working from home is a huge blessing and sometimes a bit of a necessity. The problem: I never know when the essays are coming, and I have exactly 48 hours from the time they send them to get them back to the company with annotations and grades. Knowing that if I work straight through, I can grade about 15-20 an hour. When they arrive in my inbox at a different time every week, I tend to ‘find’ an hour and a half for each of those two days and make it happen. Usually, a ‘last minute’ hour and a half is doable even when I am ridiculously busy (which happens a lot). Either way… this week, my essay supervisor saw that I knocked out 25 essays the first day, and decided, because he was being really nice and wanted to throw me some extra cash, that he would give me an extra 25 essays to grade (an extra $50) by tonight. I am hugely grateful for the thought (and the extra money), but I don’t have time tonight. I can’t say anything because I want him to keep giving me essays for when I really need the money and have the time…

5. Sleep which, for me, = sanity, health, well being, and energy. And lack thereof = exactly the opposite.

If I do the math, getting all of this done adds up to approximately: 30 mins for workout +10 minutes for shower + 15 mins to finish blog (from this point) + 1 hour for basic plan for census + 2 hours for essays which, if I get everything that I need to get accomplished, will bring me to approximately 3 hours from now or 430am which will leave me 3 hours of sleep. I can go back to sleep on Saturday at around 3pm-6pm and 12am-9am (which between the two days is still not enough to keep me from getting uncomfortable, delirious, or sick at some point this weekend– even with excessive caffeine consumption)– especially because I’ve been up until around 2 am finishing what I need to get done for the day and awake before 9 am for work almost every day this week–

Decisions (I hate this part):

Number 1. No go. Will do twice what I would normally do tomorrow evening.
Number 2. No go. Will schedule rest of the weekend tomorrow morning during/after first round of census recruiting work.
Number 3. Check. (Stupidly, but happily.)
Number 4. I will grade as many as I can in a 1/2 hour and then I will call it quits for the night, send my boss a note, and finish tomorrow afternoon — crossing my fingers that it won’t be a problem (or at least too much of one) that I needed an extra 1/2 day.
Number 5. Check- sort of. I should get 5 hours instead of 3– hopefully fending off insanity and other lack of sleep related issues until I can sleep in on Monday…


Jenny J Bean


One Response to “Calculating My Sanity”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Jen,
    General plan is to Go to sleep first and wake up early.
    Aren’t you restricted to 40 hours at Census? What role are you fulfilling?

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