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‘Eggs, Hell, and Mafia Wars’ January 15, 2010

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Reader’s Digest Version of Today:

– I ordered eggs (just eggs) at McDonalds. The guy didn’t know what to do with himself. I thought his head was going to spin around 3 times and fly off.

– My census partner and I managed to get 17 businesses in a row to let us put a census poster in their window or in their store. (This has got to be some sort of record– but let’s be fair– she did most of the talking.)

– I said “Hell” in the elevator of the Archdiocese Building. (Insert foot in mouth.)

– My SAT tutor student can now do rule of 180 math problems and function problems in her sleep.

– Victor Garber and Harriet Harris were amazing in “Present Laughter” by good ol’ Noel Coward.

– I ate Peanut M&Ms for dinner. (Supremely stupid move!)

– Went to show after party with wine, cheese, and free CDs. Sat with a pediatric dentist.

– Did an hour workout from which my tush will definitely be sore in the morning.

Watched Jon Stewart’s AMAZING impersonation of Glenn Beck.

– Pile of furniture still haunting me.

– Accidentally dialed 3 numbers on new phone by mistake (which is an improvement to yesterday’s 4)

– Played Mafia Wars (twice)- I am an addict.

– Up for work in 6 hours– sleepy time.


Jenny J Bean


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