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“Who Taught Her Everything She Knows?” January 9, 2010

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In Texas with my family for the weekend!!! I came home to catch Beck and Jon before they go back to school. Plus, I couldn’t get home during December because of work…

I got a new phone today. There would have been an exclamation point at the end of that sentence, except that Verizon nickel and dimes you on absolutely everything. Supremely frustrating. Then I’m the one that gets to feel like the jerk for asking the money questions, when all my dad wants to do is make sure that we have working phones—
Either way, I have a new LG touch phone. Yay!

The real amazing thing that happened today was something I didn’t know was coming. Coincidentally, my high school was having a concert in honor of my late high school theater director, Mrs. Lynn Zednick Shaw ‘Zed’. She passed a few months ago from bile duct cancer. My brother had planned on going, so I decided that because I was in town, I should go too. I came in late and sat in the back and watched as students from her 25 years of teaching sang from the musicals that they were a part of during high school.

I was a little sad that I didn’t feel as sad as most people there… (ironic right?) Zed and I didn’t really “get” each other, but I think that we had a mutual respect. I found out a lot of things about her tonight that I didn’t know before… It was a little unnerving to hear what she really thought of me from some of her close friends, although most of it was positive. I have a lot of mixed memories with her– like how after the opening night of “Funny Girl,” she gave me a big hug and, without hesitation, said… “You are so great! I’m so glad that Jeff (the musical director) and Kim (the choreographer) talked me in to casting you because I wasn’t going to.” or when she called me in on a Saturday to school to ask me if it was okay if she cast a different girl in a role that she thought I was better for, or when she showed up at my doorstep after I had already graduated on my birthday (coincidentally) to hand deliver an invitation to participate in a really selective theater program called “Cappies National Theater” at the Kennedy Center in DC. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life, and I knew that she was the one responsible for getting me an invitation.

Despite her (and my) idiosyncrasies (and our mixed bag of a relationship), we really shared a love for theater, and she helped teach me how to fight for what I want, how to speak up for myself, and how to be proud of what makes me different.

Zed, you will be missed.

With Respect,

Jenny J Bean


One Response to ““Who Taught Her Everything She Knows?””

  1. Anahita Says:

    Oh wow…I had no idea she passed away but I knew (through you) that she was battling cancer for a while. I remember that song all too well! 🙂 (I also remember the story about the “good thing they convinced me to cast you”) You are a shining star, Jenny! ❤

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