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M&Ms and Popcorn January 3, 2010

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My roommate and I had a really great philosophical conversation about life tonight that was overdue. This conversation was brought to us by none other than— Popcorn and M&Ms. The after dinner snack of champions!!!


I was introduced to M&Ms and popcorn by my friend Brittany who would always get M&Ms with her movie popcorn in college. She would carefully take one M&M and one kernel of popcorn and eat them together, savoring every bite. I discovered that most of my friends have discovered this combo at some point, but they all have distinctly different ways of consuming this intensely amazing combo. I take the M&Ms and melt them in the microwave in a bowl. Then, I mix the melted chocolate with a spoon, take the already popped popcorn and mix it into the bowl with the chocolate. My roommate, on the other hand, takes a totally ridiculous and self-admittedly useless approach. She takes the bag of M&Ms, pours it in into the popcorn bag, shakes it up and then eats. Unfortunately this is a hugely flawed system, as M&Ms are heavy and immediately sink to the bottom of the bag… so basically she may as well have left them out of the bag in the first place– unless she was really looking forward to salty M&Ms (which is a definite possibility.) The other way she does it is to melt the chocolate, cover the popcorn the way I do, and stick it in the fridge so as to not get messy while eating it later. It never works. Plus, the warm melty chocolate on your fingers is totally the best part anyway. The minute she touches the chocolate after it comes out of the fridge, it melts anyway. And as for the M&M motto– epic fail. It definitely melts in your mouth and in your hand. (But I’m totally okay with that…)

Either way, it was amazing. Fun snacks make everything easier (and more interesting!) … and it’s definitely fun to argue about the best M&M/popcorn eating method. Anyone have a better way that we should try out?

Jenny J Bean


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