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Superior Donuts (and Days) January 2, 2010

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I don’t know what to write about. I guess this is the first of many days that this might happen… it wasn’t like I didn’t have an incredible day or anything. It was pretty darn amazing all in all. I was on set for the pilot I’m shooting (which continues to be amazing– my character’s name is Julianna Bottomtopper (lol). The writer keeps jokingly calling me Julianna, and I have yet to actually respond the first time. I must have done 4 double takes today– OH! you’re talking to me? Haha. He is officially the sweetest guy on earth (and so incredibly talented- we laugh all day long on set- the script is a riot!). He facebooked me after the first day of shooting so he could send me some cool shots that they got — amazing!!!

Later, I went out to dinner with two of my friends that I haven’t spent quality time with in a while. I love when you “re-get to know someone”. You inevitably learn something new and interesting when you catch up after a long time.

After dinner, I went to see Superior Donuts which is a play by Tracy Letts (the same guy that wrote August Osage County– which is one of the best plays, possibly the best play I’ve ever seen) that is closing tomorrow. We got $30 tickets in the balcony, but we got to move down right at the beginning of the show because there were lots of seats available in front of us. We watched from center front mezzanine (which were awesome seats). Michael McKean played the lead (an aging hippy who is relearning how to allow people to be part of his life). He was great, but the real standout was the kid that played his employee at the donut shop. Ironically, I had a donut this morning for the first time in ages on set (well, really, it was only half a donut, but it had snowflake sprinkles on it!!!) Anyway, it’s really cool to watch a play and point to an actor at intermission and say with relative certainty- “That kid is getting nominated for a Tony”. It only happens once in a while, but when it does, it’s really cool. His name is Jon Michael Hill. Look for him to get a nod as featured actor in June…

It was one of those days that you feel good because got everything accomplished that you set out to do. Got up on time (so underrated), worked on set, reconnected with old friends, saw a great play before it closed, survived the -1 degree windchill outside, worked out, had a great conversation with my roommate (who had a great day), blogged (well, almost… give it another few seconds), and smiled a lot. Definitely can’t complain. Not much else to say. Until tomorrow!

Jenny J Bean


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