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New Year’s Eve: “Shaken, Not Stirred” January 1, 2010

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Last night, I went out for New Year’s Eve with two of my favorite people in the world. Having waited until the last minute to make plans, we found an 8pm reservation at restaurant on (One of the best inventions ever– we didn’t have to call every restaurant in the city to get a reservation on New Years). We went down to Little Italy to a restaurant called “Grotta Azzura” where, assuming we would have to pay for the standard New York/New Years Eve Prix Fixe dinner (upwards of 60 dollars at this particular restaurant), we were happy to find that they gave us the regular menu as an option too. We could not have picked a better restaurant. The food was absolutely incredible as was the service and the sangria. The server even let me order a la carte off the prix fixe menu — the Fillet of Sole Stuffed with Crab in a light lemon sauce. It was definitely one of the top ten dishes I have ever eaten in my whole life (and it didn’t cost me $60, which, of course, made it taste even better!) I didn’t even make it to the broccoli, red potatoes, or dessert. I was so stuffed– in the good way. It was snowing outside too. So incredibly gorgeous! We spent the whole evening taking turns toasting to all the amazing things that we did and experienced together in 2009– and we realized that we did some pretty amazing things between the three of us– including, but not limited to (the biggies for each of us): taping my first pilot television show, working on a Tony-Nominated Broadway show, and getting promoted to Director of Operations. And, let’s not forget the most important: going to Disneyworld! 🙂

Later, because everything in the city was sold out by the time we made plans, we crossed our fingers and showed up at the door for the party that we were most excited to go to— A “Casino Royale” party at a renovated turn of the century bank in DUMBO. — We had the ‘Bootleggers Ball’ and Sherlock Holmes the Movie (in our formal dresses- which would have been totally amazing too) as back up plans if we couldn’t make it work.

–For those of you non-New Yorkers, DUMBO is a really nice, upscale district of Brooklyn where at lot of Wall Street types live in their 20s and early 30s because it is two subway stops from the financial district. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s an absolutely breathtaking neighborhood, despite the fact that it is incredibly loud under that bridge–

The party was “Vegas-style night with a red-carpet, blackjack tables, and three floors of dancing. Dress: Black-tie”. We showed up at the door around 10:30pm, and the doorman/bouncer let us in almost immediately. We were so happy that we got in!!! After we checked our coats, we went to all the floors to see what was happening. Each floor had its own DJ with different kinds of music and bar, and the first floor had the best music, an area to watch the ball drop, and a blackjack table that you could play for free chips and cash them in for raffle tickets. We decided to spend most of the night on the first floor. We danced some, played some blackjack, and talked (you’d be surprised how underrated talking is– I can’t remember the last time I could even hear myself think at a New Year’s Party, much less hear someone else!) We played a bit of blackjack– didn’t have too much luck (even though the dealer helped us win “a few more times than we should have”), but we all three won our last big hand and got a bunch of raffle tickets in the end (of course, we didn’t stay for the raffle). We watched the ball drop, and toasted with champagne at midnight to a great 2009 and an even greater 2010.

Life can be even more amazing if you’re willing to take a chance and play it by ear once in a while—

Exhausted but happy.

Jenny J Bean


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