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The First Day of the Rest of My Life December 27, 2009

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I’ve always been intrigued by diaries and journals and such, and have never really been good at keeping one. I have dozens of journals and diaries that have 10 or 20 pages written– I mean, Harriet the Spy thought it was cool, so of course, I did too! Harriet, admittedly, was much more intent than I was because I was an ADD child of the best variety– I wanted to do everything… so, of course, journaling was just another one of the cool things in the universe that I wanted to try my hand at– and after I got what I wanted out of it or got bored with it, I was on to the next thing. So, there’s good news and bad news… nothing’s changed. At all. I am 24 years old, still as ADD as ever, and want to do and experience everything amazing there is to do in this world– with very few exceptions. So, I am making it my goal, for at least a year– eh– let’s make it 6 months– until my 25th birthday, June 10, to do and write about at least one amazing thing a day… Here goes nuttin’…

December 27, 2009

Okay- so today, I discovered creative cooking. And not the “I’m going to make food to impress people that come to my dinner parties” kind of cooking– the “cooking with whatever you have in your fridge because you are too lazy to go to the grocery store for ingredients, but you’re a good person and you deserve good food” kind of cooking. I just bought Rachel Ray’s Cookbook, and although I’m not really a fan per se, I totally got sucked in by the yummy food for dummies cookbook display at Borders when I was mystery shopping there. (Which I will make sure to explain in detail at some point in my ramblings…) Hang on. I have to point out that my roommate is singing ‘I Think I Got You Beat‘ from Shrek the musical to actively distract me from what I’m doing– Meanwhile, she just gave me a choice between “Funny music, inspirational music, or quasi in-between rocker music” for the next song– She’s choosing quasi-in between rocker music for me– Alone by Heart.  There’s active head banging happening now and a remote control microphone. —The long stick-shaped home appliance microphone, ps, was the best movie contribution ever by Stepmom!!! —Anyway, back to the point– So– I totally didn’t have the right ingredients for anything, so I made my own concoctions of questionable merit. I made a turkey cheese burger, broccoli pasta, and a salad. Most of it was meh, but the salad turned out surprisingly awesome!

The ingredients (All of the measurements are really really ballpark- about enough for two):

-2 handfuls spinach mixed with fresh spring greens

-1/2 ripe Hass avocado

-A little bit of chopped onion (chop it really well otherwise you’ll be eating an onion salad…)

-A little extra virgin olive oil

-2 wedges lime

-Salt and Pepper

Toss together and eat. Yummy.

Now off to watch (and by watch, I clearly mean have a sing-and-dance-along to) a Sister Act marathon with my roommate. Best movies ever!!! See you tomorrow!!!

Always Rambling,

~Jenny J Bean


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